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Achieving your manifestation dreams

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Answers to the questions, "What is manifestation?" "How do I decide what to manifest?" and "How can Punkin's products help me achieve my manifestation dreams?"

Manifesting is powerful. It is making our dreams and desires poof into reality. The trick on making these manifestations work is to think that you have that goal or desire in the present tense. Like if you want a raise at your job for instance you think of yourself receiving that bigger paycheck and the emotions of gratitude. If you want more romance from your partner you think of that person granting those desires such as taking you out to a candle lit dinner, or something simple like tickling your back before bed. Imagine that you already have these things, feel these emotions, and believe you have it. By putting the intent into the universe as if you already have whatever you are seeking , the energy radiates into the physical reality as if it is real.

The beauty is by using Punkin’s soaps, candles, and teas they give these desires an extra nudge if you will. For example you take Punkin's homemade Pumpkin Pie Soap. You really want help with your new stay at home business. Well the color of the soap is orange which represents ambition, opportunity, good luck with a career and the scent of the soap pumpkin brings in abundance, prosperity, and growth. By the simple steps finding a happy place, clearing your mind, scrub either your hands clockwise or your body in the shower. While doing so imagine your company thriving with success. Breath in the warm scent of ground cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and clove. Believe this is all happening right now and feel the emotions that comes with it. When you have finished say “I thank you universe, so mote it be.”

But it is crucial in the manifestation process trusting the universe to work its magic and wait patiently. It is like when you order something online. You find what you seek, go to the checkout page, press order now, and wait for your package to arrive. But remember the universe always has a bigger plan then we ever dreamed of. You cannot control the outcome of your manifestations and the timing. Just have faith in magic.

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