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Meet Punkin

Holistic teas, soaps, and candles for mind, body, and spirit

          Punkins was founded in 2021. We take pride in hand crafting teas, soaps, and candles for mind body and spirit. Every organic ingredient is carefully selected for purity, potency and spiritual value. Our colors, scents and choice of eclectic treasures lend them selves to promoting the highest quality for manifestation, tranquility and spiritual growth. from candles meant to bring protection and new beginnings with its soft milky white glow that release rich lavender scents to promote calming, sympathy and happiness to soaps deliciously arranged to resemble your favorite desserts providing comfort and joy with rich oranges, reds and blues enticing the senses of ambition, love, and emotional healing. Our scents always stay the same but our containers always change. Our candles are designed to be dual purpose, so, after you finish enjoying rich scents of freshly baked goodies or fresh cut ever green, you will have a unique glassware or tea cup to enjoy one of our delectable teas.

We proudly craft our products in Montana and are honored to be a United States veteran owned company.

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Commissioned art work, marketing, 3D printing, Laser engraving, CNC engraving

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